Wednesday, February 9, 2011

In the last 24 hours

Adam is gone again this week, and the kids are cracking me up in a funny kind a way, and in a crazy kind of way...

1. Theo tells me I should try conditioner, that it will make my hair smoother.

2. Nate informs me that I packed a fork last time I gave him applesauce, and that the cafeteria only allows 1st graders one spoon per year.

3. Mary says "I thought you were an art major at some point," as I struggle to draw the outline of a human body on a poster board free hand.

4. Nate says "When I look at you I think black." huh?

5. Nate screams "I am trying to show him the pain he puts me through everyday." This explains why he was following Theo around pointing a nerf gun at him.

There are two more I was going to write, but I can't remember, because they are sucking the brain cells out of me.

I have really been perplexed about what to do about where we live, if we move, if we stay, and for how long. I think about it way too much. I unplugged today, and laid on my bed to just be quiet and let God talk to me. I woke up 2 hours later, running out to the kids' bus stop, with the lines of my sheets imprinted on my face.


  1. Hello! I found your blog from Becky's and I've been enjoying your posts. :) I'm a mom of three-going-on-four little people and I have low vision, so I can relate to a lot of what you write. Just thought I'd introduce myself and say, have a great week.

  2. Hi! I also found you via Becky's blog as I was also mentioned in that lovely RP post she did yesterday. What an honour. And also a great chance to "meet" others. I just want to say that everything you are feeling is normal. And you are not alone. And once you've dealt with the grief of diagnosis you will still do so much. And yes there will be more periods of grief. It is a side effect of having a degenerative condition that changes and makes you alter your ways each time. But you will get through each period and take on life with even more passion than before. I look forward to sharing more of the journey with you. I write about my eyes on my blog too if it helps you to read it.

  3. Thanks for the comments. It is so exciting to "meet" a community that has experienced a lot of the same things.
    Lucent - I love love (2 loves on purpose) your photos.