Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Book Review

I just read Cockeyed. It is a book by a man, Ryan Knighton, with RP. He is witty, dark, simple, and it was a good read. It was so hard to read at times, so painful. He was diagnosed at 18, so I certainly did not have to do all that identity formation life stuff while also dealing with RP. Thank you God.

His blindness progressed at a much younger age than mine. Honestly, he scared the bejezus out of me. I am happily in the denial of the present, and I like it here. I think if you try to figure out too much of the future you go bananas.

Is it possible to overplan/overthink the future and be in denial of it at the same time? Yes, it is. I'm there.

Life is good

Tomorrow is the 7th grade dance. I am chaperoning. I will bear witness to people's future awkward memories. Now if the lights are turned down, I will not be much of a chaperon. I asked Mary (my 7th grade daughter) if she thinks her friends will mind if I show them some old school dances. She could not even speak a reply. hehe.

Spring Baseball is starting up. I can not wait for the first game. Seeing my husband in a matching uniform with my 10 year old makes me happy on a cellular level. One, I LOVE baseball. Second, I love those two.

Spring tennis for me is beginning. I love my tennis ladies so much. We were at lunch the other day after practice, and someone asked me about my eyes. I was explaining RP, and where I was at with it. My dear sweet friend looked at me and her first thought was "How do you play tennis?" Not, how do you drive, how fast is it happening, nothing practical like that. ha-larious. Tennis is a serious priority.
Spring is here. We have a tree with a hundred thousand white blooms on it. Sunny warm days are beginning, dotted with warm moody rainy days. I can't wait for our cherry tree to bloom, with it's pink pom-poms. Love it.

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  1. Oh so many milestones you touched upon. My daughter refers to 7th grade as her awkward year! Love to you.