Monday, January 17, 2011

Bowling alleys suck

It was my youngest offsprings 7th birthday party, and we had a laser tag and bumper car party. Yes, I remember when party's were cake and ice cream and tag in the yard. I actually think that is more work for the mom, but I easily spent $250 on the party today, yuck.

Anyway, this extravaganza was at a bowling alley, arcade type place. Well, would somebody turn on the lights! I walked in from the outside and instantly I was thinking "whoa." My vision decreased by about 30 %. I am not totally night blind yet, but my vision decreases in low light areas significantly. In some ways it is kinda like a preview for me of how things will progress in the daylight, interesting.

I went into the laser tag room, not to participate, but to be the photographer. Hilarious, because I had no idea where any of the kids were! My Natie even said, "mom you should play, you would be an easy target." Little butthole.

(Aside: My daughter said something like that to me the other day, making fun of my bad vision and impending blindness. I don't remember what it was, but it was funny and clever. Then I said "Will see who gets the last laugh, this shit is genetic." We are a sarcastic family.)

Back to the party. It was fun, as fun as kids birthday parties can be, but made me wonder. I knew before I was diagnosed that I did not see well in low light situations, but now I wonder if I over notice my bad sight.

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