Saturday, January 15, 2011

Go west, young woman!

...I mean southwest, urban, oh f%*! just stay put.

I am just about paralyzed thinking about what the next move for our family should be. I know that I have to stop driving at some point in the not too distant future. If only I knew when.... I really want to be as independent as possible. Our current house is not walkable.

There is this awesome website about the walkabilty of your address, 90-100 is a walker's paradise. My house is a 16.

Here are my options
Stay in the same house options:
1. Become a shut in, grow our my leg hair and fingernails.
2. Hire a driver on occasion that I need it. I am thinking like a fellow housewife, who is in need or want of extra money. In addition, I can send emails out to about 10 neighbor friends to find out whem they are going to the grocery stores and ask for rides.

Move to a different house, same schools.
3. Pay a butt load of money and break even on our current house to move to a neighborhood that is more like a 50 out of 100. Easy walk to schools, moderate walk to grocery and bus stop.

New schools - Kinda sucks for the kids
4. Stay in our current city, but go much more urban. Further commute for DH, but totally walkable. Walk score in the 80s-90s.
5. Stay in our current city, the kids would have new schools, but could stick with same sports and stuff, walk score about 60.

Leave Atlanta. Move to a totally walkers paradise, near my sister and parents. The thing is, they live in Phoenix area,not really a walkers paradise, but we could find an area with a walk score in the 70s. So this fantasy does not exist in this dimension.

Confused? I am. Totally. I have no idea what to do. I hate how much brain space this takes up. I hate thinking about this all the time. My indecision and is driving my husband completely bananas. My friend says stop thinking about it and let the answer come to you, that I am fighting to hard. Ugh...

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