Friday, January 21, 2011

Killed by a zhu zhu pet

I know it may happen. My son received one for his birthday. I miss those little things on the ground all the time, and this thing is just the right size with wheels to take me down for good. I can hear the women on 11 alive news already in my head, blind mother killed by a zhu zhu pet.

So when I was at the retina specialist back in October getting my final diagnosis, I was like "are you sure? I play tennis, and that is a small ball." She told me that she was amazed by what the people with RP could do, and how well they function. She told me that I already probably have coping techniques that I am not aware of, like scanning. You know, like a supermom,with super powers.....

So I started noticing the things I do, because now I know that everyone does not see the world the way that I do. I have one, that my whole family uses. I have a place for everything, and if things are out of place I take mental note of it, and can remeber where I last saw it. Nate will say "Where is my batman underwear?" I will think a minute and reply "I saw those under daddy's weight bench in the basement." Okay, why are his underwear down there? Who knows? The cool part is that I remembered it. Special powers? No, that's RP, baby.

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  1. You are an incredible writer! I can relate to so much of what you are sharing.