Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Husband evah

Adam is traveling right now, for the next couple of weeks. So of course, the kids are getting sick. I am getting ideas and bids to fix up the backyard. It is so exciting, I forgot about my RP for like 2 days! I mean I always see this way, but this way is normal to me.

I have been in a relationship with my husband since I was 21, and I am now 35. We have grown into being adults together. We have created these three amazing children. Lots of laughs, tears, and fights along the way.

He is amazing. I have this thick curly hair, and he cleans out the drain of my sink every six months or so. He hates it, every time you can hear him mumbling, and wondering why I shove hair down the drain. But he does it. He shows up for me in these simple kind ways. And he shows up for me in big huge ways.

I was scared at first, wondering if he would be love me the same, if it would be hard for him to let go of what we thought our future was. He was shocked, I was doubtful of his love for me. "Melissa, would you feel any different about me if I were going blind?"

He is so much calmer than me. I wish I were just a firecracker. I am the grenade to his meadow, the fireball in his swimming pool. Sometimes, he makes me so crazy. Other times, I wonder how he puts up with my insanity. I am up and down right now about all of this. One day, I say, "we need to get somewhere I can settle down, so I can be independant." Other days, I say, "let's live abroad a couple of years, I have always wanted to do that, and what if I can't later." If I lived with me, I would need to be on medication.

Oh Adam my Adam, I promise to stop shoving hairs down the drain.

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  1. Oh sweetest post! So grateful for these amazing husbands in our lives! They are blessed to have us, too.